Actors who went to extremes to "become" their character

Actors who went to extremes to “become” their character

“Methodacting” is a technique used by actors to meet and understand in depth the character they are about to play. While that might give audiences an amazing movie, it also led to some extreme times in their lives for the performers.

The idea of ‘method acting’ applies techniques based on sensory memory and emotional exercises that allow the actor to go through the life experiences of his characters.

Here are some examples of actors who have gone through extreme tests with this method.

Lady Gaga in “The House of Gucci”

The singer and actress played Patrizia Reggiani, Maurizio Gucci’s ex-wife, in the designer’s biopic.

To achieve the excellent performance that Gaga gave in the film, the actress tried to step out of her role as little as possible, even months before filming began.

Because of this, Gaga decided to dye her hair her character’s color and speak in an Italian Reggiani accent even when she was off camera.

However, beyond a physical change, the American singer endeavored to understand the personality of the widow of Gucci, condemned for having hired the hitman who would have killed her ex-husband, and began to try to see things as she would see them.

In an interview with ‘Vogue’ magazine, the artist explained how It is not a question of imitating but of understanding how the character saw things: “I began to live in such a way that in everything I looked at, in everything I touched, I realized where and when there could be money.”

Despite her performance and how connected Gaga was to the character, the Gucci family didn’t seem to receive it the same way and released a statement in which they expressed that they were uncomfortable with the characters. portrayals of characters in the film. .

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Jared Leto in “Suicide Squad”

The singer and actor was widely criticized for his performance as “Joker” and also for the big jokes he made on the “set”, which apparently were due to his immersion in the role.

Used condoms, sex toys and dead rats are some of the things other people in the film’s cast received.

When the medium ‘E! News asked him about it, the actor replied that “the Joker is someone who really doesn’t respect things like personal space or boundaries.”

However, some of his filming partners commented that this dynamic was not well received and created fear of “not knowing what to expect from him”, as Margot Robbie assured in an interview.

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Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Revenant”


For this role, Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar in 2016.

The role that gave DiCaprio his first Oscar was prepared with an “acting method.”

The actor decided that in order to properly and closely interpret ‘Hugh Glass’, a very close and knowledgeable guide to nature trails, he had to camp outdoors, swim in frozen rivers and a few more extreme things like sleeping on the corpse of an animal

The actor told ‘Yahoo Movies’ outlet that one of the hardest things he had to do in his life was preparing for said film.

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Dustin Hoffman in “Marathon of Death”

The movie that was shot in 1976 where Hoffman plays ‘Thomas Bibington’ caused the actor to go without sleep for three days in a row in preparation for a time when his character was going through the same thing.

Sin embargo, en ese momento, el actor fue critiqueado por Laurence Olivier, quien también protagonizaba la película, porque él creía en un método de actuación más clásico en donde no es necesario pasar por ese tipo de cosas para hear a su personaje sino simplye actuar good.

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Christian Bale in “The Machinist”

Bale is known in the industry for adapting his body to what his roles demand of him. The delivery he made playing ‘Trevor Reznik’ was the thinnest role the actor was seen in in his entire time on the Hollywood stage.

Bale lost 30 kilos on a restrictive diet consisting only of ‘coffee, apple and tuna’ as he told ‘The Guardian’ media. This allowed him to adapt to his character both physically and mentally.

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