David Ospina and Gabriel Slonina: hand in hand to join Real Madrid

David Ospina and Gabriel Slonina: hand in hand to join Real Madrid

Rumors in Spain continue to grow although revolutions have dropped pending the uncertain future of Andriy Lunin, replacing for now Thibaut Courtois, who clearly, under the Belgian’s shadow, knows that the only matches where he will be able to act will be in the Copa del Rey in the early stages and in the games where Real Madrid already have goals achieved, such as La Liga, lately, and with the title confirmed, the Ukrainian had one or two titles up- above the former Atlético de Madrid and Chelsea.

It looks like Andriy Lunin’s future is far away at Real Madrid and that’s what the Ukrainian needs for his youth. He is barely 23 years old and is emerging as one of the candidates to take the goal for the Ukrainian national team. However, for that, he will need to have the consistency that he certainly won’t have at the current UEFA Champions League champion.

So, on the radar of Real Madrid looking for a second goalkeeper, two names appear, who are waiting for what will happen with Andriy Lunin. Gradually the two candidates were diluted, no doubt because of this expectation. The transfer market closes on September 1, so there will be plenty of time to define whether David Ospina or Gabriel Slonina wear white. Whoever arrives knows firsthand that he will have to bide his time to play a starring role in Carlo Ancelotti’s 11th.

David Ospina and Gabriel Slonina are playing one-on-one to taste the boards of Real Madrid. They know their names are on the radar, but they have to, first, wait for Andriy Lunin to jump to another club, and second, figure out their future. In the case of the Colombian, we are talking about a goalkeeper with much more experience at 33 years old, while Slonina is only beginning his first steps in professionalism, despite the fact that he represented the United States in U -15, 16 and 17 teams Moreover, he was called up by Poland, having dual nationality for the UEFA Nations League, but Gabriel’s wish is to represent the country where he was born.

According to information from AS, there are clear reasons for David Ospina to beat Gabriel Slonina in this possibility of a second goalkeeper arriving at Real Madrid. First, the experience, not only because of his 33 years, but because the Colombian seems to have even more profile to join the white team due to his stay in the old continent, his 512 games as than professional, while the youth of the Chicago Fire only adds 32 meetings.

Still, he has been notorious in the transfer plan, wanting to have youth, and Gabriel Slonina would feature there as a candidate. He knows he will have to wait, but his great level shown in the United States can bring him closer. Aurélien Tchouaméni, Vinicius Jr, Rodrygo and Eduardo Camavinga are part of the present and the future of Real Madrid. Lately, Florentino Pérez has been preparing what the Spanish team will be in a few years, and on the porch they are looking to “fish” a youngster who came out on file for his presentations in MLS with the Chicago Fire.

He also made his debut at the age of 17 in goal for the Chicago Fire, making him the youngest goaltender in MLS. He featured in a goalless draw against New York with four saves which, in turn, set another record as the youngest to record a clean sheet in MLS. Having Gabriel Slonina would be betting on a young player, who has given the United States something to talk about with some superb saves that tie him to this range of young players in the present and future of Real Madrid.

Although it looks like David Ospina will have it easy, it won’t be like that. Well, the Colombian made more covers, being in demand even more in Napoli with 86, while Gabriel Slonina saved 30 shots. An 18-year-old in a league like MLS, he let up a good number of saves despite scoring 20 goals against him.

The last factor that AS analyzes is in the voice of its columnist, Tomás Roncero, who spoke about who can endure the substitution, ‘David Ospina is a good goalkeeper, for the unstoppable and adds an intervention that justifies his good professional career: Nice, Arsenal and Naples. Ancelotti had him in the city that loves Maradona and knows him well. Slonina looks great, but his teenage 18-year-old would surely be upset enough with eternal substitutions to become a problem in the dressing room.

However, the mind can play tricks on him, but Gabriel Slonina could start in Real Madrid’s youth team with Castilla and as his performance improves he can take charge of the team goal. Spain. Also, because of his youth, they might tie him up once and for all and loan him out to another European club like Chelsea who have been interested in him or anyone else for him to have European experience, while ‘with Ospina it would be impossible.

David Ospina knows what it’s like to alternate goalkeeping with Alex Meret and Petr Cech at Napoli and Arsenal. Maybe that scenario wouldn’t be the problem, even if he wants to earn a place in the national team in the face of this generational change that will take place. Without a doubt, due to his experience and his saves, the Colombian is the one with the best profile, but Real Madrid are looking to ‘fish’ the youngsters to have scope for the future.

Finally, it would be easier to hire David Ospina who would arrive on a free transfer, while Gabriel Slonina has a contract with the Chicago Fire until 2023.

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