Dragon Ball Creator Reveals An Unexpected Detail About The Namekians’ Anatomy

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“They’re still a mysterious race,” Toriyama says.

Over many arcs in Dragon Ball’s story, we’ve seen all kinds of unexpected turns, from the riskiest adventures to the most emotional moments for fans, like Bardock’s discoveries and the indirect relationship he had with his son, Goku. Make him quite a different character from how he’s been viewed up until now. But thanks to the fact that we now know that Bardock was perhaps a much more complex character than expected and the impact that had on the fate of the Saiyans on earth, it could be said that Toriyama was setting us up for a different storyline.

With this chapter in the main hero’s life closed, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has arrived to change the course of the main series’ history. In this way, Dragon Ball Super sequel: Broly doubled down to focus on Piccolo and Gohan in an epic showdown with the Red Ribbon Army. As the new androids Gamma Number 1 and Gamma Number 2, created by the Army, plan their revenge, Pan is the link that will bring Gohan to play, in a super battle.


What Akira Toriyama Revealed About Piccolo

On the other hand, it is not surprising that the film focuses on Piccolo, since Toriyama has said in the past that the Namekian is his favorite character.. However, things seem to have changed slightly in the history of the Namekians after Toriyama’s statements in a recent interview. The mangaka explained that the Namekian race has a particularity in its anatomy which had not been revealed until now. And, to be precise, that’s a pretty big detail that fans haven’t noticed before.

This revelation is very relevant at this time given that Piccolo will get a new makeover in the franchise’s next film. Although Dragon Ball hasn’t given much information about the Z fighter, given the mangaka’s preference for the character, surely a big mission awaits him.


But, returning to the subject that interests us, in this revealing interview Dragon Ball creator was asked about the mystery of Piccolo’s feet, alluding to the fact that the Namekian (also known as Piccolo the Demon King for his great deeds and initial path to evil), never took his shoes off. For this reason, the mangaka gave somewhat surprising explanations:

“Eh? He never took his shoes off? That surprises me too. I think they look more or less like the feet of Earthlings, but his toenails are black, like his toenails. *Note 1: In this movie, the Piccolo’s fingernails are black, line in the original manga.”

In fact, that wasn’t the only thing Toriyama explained about Fighter Z’s intense history and his respective differences from the rest of the Namekians, but he added the following:

“Piccolo is quite a complex character. He was originally the Demon King Piccolo who split from the god who created the Earth Dragon Balls. But then he was defeated by Goku, and the boy ( or rather the double of himself) that he left behind entered the Tenkaichi Budokai under the name “My Junior” to hide his true identity. Later, during the battle against Frieza, he was reinforced merging with a Namekian named Nail, and even later recombining with God, which brings us to the present It’s such a complicated past that even I have trouble remembering it (laughs) .

Most Namekians are Sage-type, and Fighting-types like Piccolo are rare. They’re still a mysterious breed, so they can be a bit of a headache even for me, the original creator.”

It seems a minor detail that these anatomical differences, contrary to what was almost inertially expected of the Namekian race, continue to manifest at this point. And, despite the fact that for the mangaka it seems to be an insignificant fact, it never ceases to amaze his fans when they think they know everything about their favorite series and characters. However, the most fascinating thing about Piccolo is still a conversion to goodness that set him apart from other Dragon Ball villains. For this reason, there is no doubt that in the future we will continue to discover other curiosities about the Namekian or even about other characters.

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