Ejercicio físico de Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s Strict Exercise Routine to Stay Fit and Increase Endurance

Doua Lipa She is undoubtedly one of the singers of the moment. The young woman is living the best moment of her career, with a concert tour that takes her around the world. To keep the rhythm know that the physical exercise It’s one of the things that will best keep you active throughout the day. Therefore the exercise routine which follows mixes both strength and resistance exercises. Something that is reflected in his figure and in the increase in muscle mass that he has been experiencing for some years.

In their profiles on social networks, in particular in instagram, Dua Lipa is not shy about showing the world the results of a job well done. And it is that in addition to being an example to follow for many young people in the world of music, it is also one of those that best complements her work with the world of fashion and entertainment. Since at all times we can see in one of his publications some of his clothes that look with style and presence. Fruit of a strict exercise routine that we know from their interviews.

Dua Lipa combines strength exercises with resistance exercises

In numerous interviews that the young woman has carried out for various media, we have been able to know that Doua Lipa has physical training as a mandatory routine in his daily life. In fact, the singer says her morning habits include practice exercise first thing in the morning.

Exercise Dua Lipa
Here’s How Dua Lipa Looks Toned With This Exercise Routine

In this case we will explain one of its weekly workout routines that more body intensity requires. To do this, she enlists Peter Maclever (known as PMAC) of the Women’s Health Collective Expert Panel.

In the first phase of the weekly workout, Dua Lipa performs 20 minutes of hill sprints and 40 minutes of full bodyweight training. Something that keeps her active for the rest of the exercises that make up the physical routine.

In the second weekly training phase, the young woman must do 20 min of hill sprints and 40 min of full body training with equipment (balls, bands, bars).

Finally, to complete the physical exercise carried out during the week, it is necessary to combine 20 min of hill sprints and 40 min of full body weight training with an emphasis on balance and agility.

Other exercises that keep Dua Lipa in top shape

In addition to the guided training we talked about earlier, Doua Lipa also do other physical exercises to maintain their resistance and be able to exploit it on stage. Something that certainly helps him keep up the pace of his concert tour.

Exercise Dua Lipa
Here’s How Dua Lipa Looks Toned With This Exercise Routine

So, in addition to the above, the singer also sometimes performs scissor jumps, mountaineering exercises and burpees, which she does in record time. Moreover, he also complements them with sessions of yoga, cycling, leg lifts, boxing and Pilates.

For all these reasons, it can be said that although Dua Lipa has a slim complexion which can be seen in every photo she posts, she really keeps her toned body and her strength in top shape by following a perfect workout routine for his body. .

In this sense, if you want to follow in his footsteps, it is better to have the help of a professional who will guide you on the physical exercises that best suit your body. As well as those that stay at the limit of your possibilities and manage to increase your body intensity over time.

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