Isabella Santiago: 'In 'MasterChef Celebrity', I'm a villain with a heart”

Isabella Santiago: ‘In ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, I’m a villain with a heart”

The character of Isabella Santiago in the telenovela ‘Lala’s Spa’ was that of Lala, a good woman, with a lot of character, who fought for love.

There was a specific storyline and RCN’s goal in producing this telenovela was to call for respect for difference.

In her daily life, Venezuelan Isabella Santiago is a transgender woman who cares about working and providing for her family, who has been living with her in Colombia for a few years.

And in MasterChef Celebrity, the actress and model came with her own characterization, which made enemies, especially on the networks.

“I played a role. My participation in this program was an experience. There are many things that belong to me, but I also put attributes in it. People who know me in my daily life are surprised, but I decided to take a standsays Santiago.

Caracas, born on February 8, 1991, hasn’t had it easy. Changing sex was a long process for which he had to work hard and for several years. He has been bullied, but appreciates his grandmother’s support and love. And although she argued with her mother for a while, things calmed down later.

But, as she says, she doesn’t go around the world victimizing herself. It’s not in his DNA. And his participation in MasterChef Celebrity is the demonstration of this strength: some days he wins and others he loses. He ignored the advice the chiefs gave him, but then he put it aside. He learned to work as a team with his colleagues and although he had problems with some of them, thanks to the kitchen, he overcame them.

Cooking is one of my hobbies, I love it, but I don’t devote myself to it. In the beginning, getting fully involved hurt me, I couldn’t control my emotions or my reactions, but I also confirmed that being human is a lot of things at different times, we has different roles every half hour: with the boss, with the friend, at lunch”.

The truth is that his comments, acidic on several occasions, are awaited by viewers every night. And in general, to attack it through the networks. “They call me barbarians, they insult me ​​with words like ‘Isabello’, ‘el macho’, ‘el veneco’. I don’t know where people get so many things from. is that it’s the women who use my status as a transgender woman to insult me,” she says.

He has more support from men, which he appreciates. And in the street, everything is different: people approach him with affection.

“We do a diverse program in personalities, we all have a position, I don’t pretend or pretend to be what I’m not. What I find terrible is that they hide behind a profile to insult me, and I wonder why they are laughing at me, I don’t understand.”

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He adds that his goal has been to play clean and fair., and that his frankness is real. And it is clear that the content shows what interests him to generate conversation among viewers.

It’s also like making a soap opera, but without scripts. Although the recordings have ended, for those who watch the program, it is an everyday gift. She sees herself and analyzes herself. And once he’s out of the competition, he sees an opportunity to correct those actions “that didn’t make me feel comfortable.” Above all, don’t keep calm”.

Amid the tapings, which have been exhausting, he says he appreciates the support of the chefs. “Sometimes I thought they didn’t consider me and they always hit me hard, but the truth is they wanted to make me stronger, to learn more, to be better. They made me confidence as well as my gastronomy. Jorge Rausch was the one who behaved the best with me; despite our clashes, he was proud of my work”.

The recordings ended and life went on. He slept for two days and spent a few more getting back to his daily life. Then he went to the beach for four days.

On his return, he learned that “Lala’s Spa”, the telenovela that made her famous in Colombia, is now on TelevisaUnivisión’s Vix platform and can be seen in Latin America and the United States.

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“It opens up other frontiers, an opportunity for me and for those like me who are looking for their dreams and their goals. Of course, we have to fight harder to fit into society, to be accepted, and it shouldn’t be not be so, because we have the same rights as any human being on this earth.”

And although in his Venezuelan passport he is still called Kreiban Carballo Santiago, which he could not change because in his country everything is very slow, wait when is legally Colombian, a process she is advancing, has in her passport the name she has chosen for her life: Isabella Santiago.

For now, as long as she continues on MasterChef Celebrity, she will continue with her self-chosen role: “a villain with a heart.”

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