Johan Carbonero, hotbed of trouble in Argentina: controversial arrival at Racing

Johan Carbonero, hotbed of trouble in Argentina: controversial arrival at Racing

On the eve of a league clash for the fourth date of the Argentine League in which the two clubs in question will face off for Johan Carbonero, Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata vs Racing Club de Avellaneda, there are versions that seem to condition the formalization of the sale of the player to the ‘Academy’.

Johan Carbonero landed at the Racing facilities where he successfully passed the medical examination and also spoke his first words as an ‘Academy’ player. He said, “today it’s a club that plays very good baseball, it’s a great club and I’ve seen that several Colombians have passed through here and I hope it will go well for me too. “, he added, “I will offer what I have always given throughout my career, which is to say a lot of dedication, displaying my talent, my speed, my goals and my assists decisive”.

To speak of Colombians in recent years in Argentina would be to evoke sorrows and shame that do not serve as an example for young people, since Sebastián Villa opened the curtain with the different cases of sexual abuse and the beatings he inflicted on her ex-partner. , Daniela Cortes. Johan Carbonero was also the subject of a sexual abuse investigation which, luckily for the coffee farmers, did not cause much noise when he signed for Racing.

According to Diario Olé, the legal case surrounding Johan Carbonero was not an obstacle to his arrival at Racing, since the club’s legal department studied the file and gave management a pass to speed up the hiring, it was unanimously decided that the process was not an impediment and the principle of innocence which it preserves prevails”.

This as a starting point for the legal problems that the Colombian has, but which in the same way do not seem to affect the reputation of the club and will surely be defended for his good performances, as is the case of Sebastián Villa at Boca Juniors protected by Juan Román Riquelme and the supporters.

Following the legal question, the problem that went over the minds within Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata was that they had no idea that Johan Carbonero had gone to pass the medical examinations while the ‘Wolf’ had not yet given this authorization and that there had also not been a confirmation of the parties for the departure of Gymnastics and official link to Racing. Neither La Plata nor Avellaneda have decreed anything in this regard.

Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata president Gabriel Pellegrino has argued that Racing’s financial deal of $3.5 million for 75% of its sporting rights has not materialized, which has overwhelmed the club due to of the rebellious performance of Johan Carbonero by leaving without any authorization. submit satisfactory medical examinations to the Racing Club de Avellaneda.

Later, President Gabriel Pellegrino confirmed in the Azul Gimnasia program that he will recover $700,000 they paid Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata for the Once Caldas player. Johan Carbonero’s contract will be terminated and Racing will buy him directly from Once Caldas.

In a video in which Gabriel Pellegrino was recorded, the president was left in complete confusion when asked about the Colombian’s medical visits with Racing, he was puzzled and gave his answer. “Look, you don’t have permission from us to do the medical exam. If he does, it will be a private matter, but he doesn’t have our permission.

His legal situation seemed an obstacle to reach the eleventh led by Fernando Gago, but the same club Avellaneda said there was no problem due to the principle of innocence, however, it does not seem very defined that the player is cleared of issues for ‘harassment and attempted sexual abuse’ to a hotel receptionist. Carbonero must go through an oral trial for the complaint filed since November 6, 2020.

According to the complainant, Johan Carbonero made her experience uncomfortable situations. Carbonero asked her out on a date, she refused and later, shirtless, forced her into his bedroom by pulling her by the arm. Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata never commented on the case and everything continued as normal.

The arrival of Johan Carbonero at Racing also did not please the Racing Feminista group who commented, ‘we oppose the hiring of Johan Carbonero, as well as any professional who is prosecuted for gender violence. This action would go against the commitments made by the directive committee and the spirit of our institution”.

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