Know Your Tarot Card for the week of Monday June 20 - Sunday June 26, 2022

Know Your Tarot Card for the week of Monday June 20 – Sunday June 26, 2022

Know your tarot card, like every Monday tarot reader Víctor Santelices gives us the message for each sign of the zodiac.

A distribution for each sign, which allows us to orient ourselves and know how the next days of our life are. Readings by phone: +56 99226 7881.


four of chopsticks

This week can be a good week, because everything is given to make it so, but it is, in a way, like fertile ground in which to sow it and that is your task. If you don’t assume it, nothing will change, so your active and committed management is essential so that your expectations, which are also decisive, are met favorably. Without your will and your work, you will get almost nothing.


The fool

Believing that you can master everything, in any situation or circumstance, is a self-delusion that could bring us consequences that are difficult to face. Most of the things that happen, or that happen to us, do not depend on us and often lead to significant and not always negative changes, on the contrary, often life surprises us by giving us something over which we had no control. nor any interference, but which we welcome. Here, vanity must be thrown in the trash.



These days you have to be careful with what you’re doing, especially if it’s something out of the ordinary or outside of a known routine. Your attention should be focused on what suddenly appears, which in some way surprises you, because it could lead to undesirable consequences, a scenario that could change if you focus on a careful analysis of the situation before acting or, as a last resort, decide to abstain, which is better than repenting.


six of cups

To fraternize, to cultivate friendship, to maintain the best possible relations with family and friends, should be, for this week, a relevant and positive objective which it would be good to consider as a priority, which would do you good personally and, without no doubt, of those who receive your love and closeness. “The important thing in a family is not to live together… it’s to be united.” Friendship can qualify when you know what to expect from each friend.


nine of cups

Comparatively better week than the previous ones. You will have the healthy mental predisposition to know how to value these little things that satisfy you, and extract them from a reality that is currently rather complex than lavish in moments of happiness. Occupy every moment of well-being that you experience and increase them with your particular mental disposition. If you can help someone close to you, you will increase your own sense of accomplishment in the process.


four of swords

Take care of your health, respect your hours of rest and sleep, try to eat healthy. The current situation is so complex that it is necessary today to work twice as much to arrive at less than a long time ago. And, if you want to get good results, you risk getting sick. “No one is obliged to do the impossible” is not only a legal principle, it is also common sense and at some point it could even be mandatory.


The moon

These days it will be difficult for you to see reality with the clarity you are used to, so every decision you have to make, option you have to consider to act on important things, or every step of something transcendent , you must evaluate it carefully and objectively and take your time as much as possible before taking the plunge. It is better, sometimes, to go slowly but surely, because the repentance derived from bad behavior, sometimes, is long and painful.


Seven of Pentacles

Everything you consider positive during this week, you have well deserved. There is not always a perfect balance between doing and receiving, on the contrary, less so in stages as complex as the one we have been living for a long time, unfortunately, in which many efforts or sacrifices are largely frustrated. Which doesn’t mean at all stopping to fight for everything we need or want to achieve.


Wheel of Fortune

Neither what causes us joy nor what causes us pain are eternal in life, everything is temporary or cyclical, and, unfortunately, there is no free option to choose, by the way , which is nice, even if we don’t manage the opposite either, unless our mistakes far outweigh our successes. These days you will be able to enjoy the good things in life, the work of your actions, your successes and having taken the right steps at the right time.


The car

This week what you do will be more important than the obvious, so you will, once again, be responsible for your actions, the difference will be that to receive the result of what you do you will not have to wait long. , because everything will have a short-term answer. You must define your actions within a limited time and act with confidence in your means and, if possible, have one or two alternatives available and viable in case of need.


five of cups

Life is full of facts that at some point can negatively affect our feelings, as well as conversely, the experience of joy and happiness, both are unique to each person and should be accepted as they come. , because they are essential. Having it clearly doesn’t preclude or prevent the tendency to emphasize happiness and hide grief, which is unnecessary, and it doesn’t change anything.


nine of chopsticks

We live in a time that is complex in many aspects, all known and of various natures, multiple threats of all kinds are modifying our relationships with our fellow human beings, and mistrust is gaining ground. Being careful, taking the necessary precautions, has become common sense and seems natural to us, but we must be careful not to exaggerate. In your case, consider your intuition in relationships, it can be a great help.

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