'Lightyear': When is it premiering on Disney+

‘Lightyear’: When is it premiering on Disney+

During his first Light year on Disney+? Pixar movie Light yearwhich grossed $85 million in its opening weekend, a far cry from the $450 million of strange doc 2 and way too much Jurassic World Dominion, could be released on Disney+ around September 8 after the minimum 45-day theatrical screening window that Disney guarantees for many of its films has passed, although there is officially no window. Marvel, for example, applied a 60-day window to its films, but nonetheless, strange doc 2 broke the rule by opening 45 days after its theatrical release. And if you notice, Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings was released 69 days and in the case of Eternals, Exactly 60 days. In addition, it must be taken into account that it is an animated film aimed at a family audience that has a longer theatrical run during the summer campaign. And also, it must be kept in mind that it cannot be compared to the premieres of the rest of the Pixar films during the pandemic, since they went directly to the streaming platform. so that neither Reportneither Luccaneither Soul serve as a guide, nor the hybrids of Mulane Yes Raya and the last dragon. We also don’t know if Light year It will follow the strategy of Encanto, which was in theaters for 30 days and became a hit when it hit the streaming platform. Although June, July and August 2022 are not very similar to November and December 2021. It is not yet clear what strategy Disney will follow with Light yearso we can only speculate.

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So far, this is the best animated film premiere of 2022, surpassing the film’s collection the villains, so far the animated film with the best theatrical performance, which is still in theaters (and it was released in March: it has $239 million in revenue). And since Universal Pictures has theatrical and streaming distribution that has nothing to do with Disney’s strategy for other of its theatrical products, it doesn’t serve as a benchmark either. If Disney continues with its 45-day strategy, the date would be set for September 8, letting the film breathe and gather in theaters over the summer, without missing out on this campaign and competing with animated products that have been released over the past year. year and coming out this summer, including the new film from Minions. And the summer is very long. What is clear is that Lightyear will hit theaters sooner than Spider-Man: No Coming Home for which there is no release date on the digital platform.

Report It was Pixar’s third consecutive film and the last to debut exclusively on Disney Plus. Lightyear’s release is technically the first in theaters on a regular basis since Fromin 2020. If we do not take into account the 30 days that it was Charm in theaters before hitting Disney Plus and becoming a global obsession. The return of audiences to theaters (the family audience, which is ultimately Pixar’s and Disney’s target audience) means that the strategy with Light year Can change. Now, in addition, Disney+ has many other claims to attract audiences to its streaming platform. Consumers already know that there is a powerful children’s catalog, now they should know that the streaming platform has many more titles, for all tastes. Plus, throughout the summer, you’ll have a long list of complaints: starting with strange doc 2continuing with the arrival of the Marvel series produced for Netflix, followed by Thor love and thunderseries lady wonderseries she hulks and the new Star Wars series on Disney Plus Andormore than enough claims to attract new subscribers during the summer months.

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