Margarita Rosa and her emotion in the networks for the victory of Gustavo Petro

Margarita Rosa and her emotion in the networks for the victory of Gustavo Petro

This Sunday, June 19, was held the election day during which the second round of the presidential elections was held, which opposed Gustavo Petro of the Historical Pact and Rodolfo Hernández of the League of Anti-Corruption Governors.

The first He won the victory with a vote of 11,272,740 votes, which represents 50.49% of the voters, while Hernández had 47.26%, which is 10,551,520 votes.

Given this, actress Margarita Rosa de Francisco, who has been active on social media during election season, referenced Petro’s announcement as president: “Are you sure we’re not celebrating in advance ? Insurance? Ayyy!”

Later, he sent a message to the victorious formula this Sunday of the elections day: “Congratulations to our president and vice-president @petrogustavo and @FranciaMarquezM and also to all their collaborators. I congratulate the country and all the peoples who have fought so hard to live this moment. We did it!”.

Earlier, the artist sent a message via his Twitter account about the vote.

“Take care of the vote, Colombians. Never before had it been worth so much.” said the artist in response to a message from lawyer Miguel Ángel del Río, who posted: “There are complaints of previously marked cards all over the country. Please read carefully before voting.

Formerly, this actress who was always characterized by her talent, her beauty and her intelligence, but in recent months she has been very active from her Twitter account giving her opinion on the news of the country, which has earned her a lots of support, but also detractors who insult him for being against their positions.

That’s why this Tuesday, through his personal Twitter account, he wanted to remember one of the many insults he received from his detractors and mock them with sarcasm, since users with right-wing political ideas and, above all, Uribismo sympathizers attacked her in different ways in an attempt to offend her, one of them calling her a “drug addict”.

The third time was the charm

After 12 years of trying to achieve the presidency, Petro finally achieved his goal. The now-elected president had already participated in two other presidential campaigns, 2010 being the first occasion in which he opted for the position at the Casa de Nariño.

On this occasion, the politician took fourth place in the elections with a total of 1,329,512 votes, or 10.13% of the votes. In third place, former vice-president Germán Vargas Lleras, with 1.4 million votes. That year, the run-off was contested between Uribe’s candidate Juan Manuel Santos and former Bogotá mayor Antanas Mockus; being the first who remained with the elections,

Eight years later (2018), Petro returned to Ring, this time much more experienced in the public arena, since he came with a job developed between 2012 and 2015 in the office of the mayor of Bogotá behind his back. On this occasion, Petro obtained almost 5 million votes which allowed him to qualify for the second round, alongside the candidate of the Democratic Center, Iván Duque (7.5 million).

Finally, in this second election, Duque overtook his leftist opponent by more than two million votes (10.3 million and 8 million respectively), thus becoming the person chosen by the Colombians to lead them between 2018 and 2022; For his part, Petro, once again, reached the Congress of the Republic, as a senator, thanks to the so-called Statute of the Opposition.

In this way, the Colombian Congressman Humana had another four years to rethink his political idea and practically run a new campaign right at the end of the 2018 campaign; strategy that worked perfectly for him, and that today has him as a character who will replace, precisely, the man who defeated him in 2018 as the new president of Colombia.

It must be remembered that, according to the words that Petro himself said, if he had not won, this would be the last presidential campaign in which he would have participated. “I brought the forces of society to a point where power was in dispute, with my ideas, with my struggle. As they say popularly, you scare power, but if, as has happened so many times in history, it couldn’t be done, then it will be to other people, to other generations,” the then-candidate said a few weeks ago. .

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