Margarita Rosa's Criticism of Gustavo Petro's Supporters

Margarita Rosa’s Criticism of Gustavo Petro’s Supporters

Sunday, June 19, Colombians had the responsibility to exercise their right to vote to elect the politician who will be under the mandate of the nation during the period 2022-2026. After 4:00 p.m., the Registrar’s Office closed the polls and ballots began to be split, indicating the winner was Historic Pact candidate Gustavo Petro.

THE WEEK He was following the political pulse of these elections, the results showed that more than 11 million Colombians chose the economist; while more than 10 and a half million, to the candidate of the League of Anticorruption Leaders, engineer Rodolfo Hernández.

These elections were critical and social networks, especially Twitter, took the lead make known the positions, opinions, arguments and other by public figures such as Margarita Rosa de Francisco.

The famous 56-year-old Colombian actress has been actively shown writing several trills related to politics. In this way, he appealed and criticized what is happening with the results of the recent elections.

“I don’t like it to rub losers a victory”writes the artist.

While it is true that digital platforms have become a mechanism for information and interaction, in fact political campaigns have included them in their strategies, in these digital scenarios there are all kinds of comments; some insults, others denote rigor and there are even allusions.

However, For the TV host and actress, there’s no need to talk in terms of “winning and losing.”

For this reason, Margarita expressed in her official Twitter profile that after the victory of Gustavo Petro, she prefers “to think that a path has been opened for those who had no way out to the oblivion of the State and that doesn’t mean closing it off to others,” she added. The seagull remembers, a role she played in the novel Coffee with a feminine scent.

All this indicates that The artist does not agree with the statements of several followers of Gustavo Petro who blame others for the victory of the candidate of the Historic Pact.

Regarding the results of the recent elections, Margarita Rosa de Francisco proved to be a woman in agreement with the policy proposed by the government of the economist alongside its presidential formula, Francia Márquez.

Despite the victory of the left-wing politician, Before the end of June 19, the Caleña referred to what it means to win. At this point, the actress isn’t quite right.

“Winning doesn’t always leave a good taste. Losing friends to political competition is horribly sad. I will feel like a winner when we reconcile. When we are finally healed,” he wrote.

On the other hand, with the election of Petro, various sectors have expressed themselves, such as the Colombian Society of Farmers (SAC).

Through a press release, the Colombian farmers’ union welcomed the new president, Gustavo Petro, as long as there is dialogue and that the campaign is a fundamental axis in his government. For this reason, they invited the economist’s team to “work now, together, to design the implementation of the public policies that the field needs”.

Those responsible for promoting the association and cooperation of those dedicated to rural, agricultural and agro-industrial activities, say they make available to the President-elect and his working team the “Three recipes for finally developing the Colombian countryside”.

In this sense, the trio of recipes is: food security, the provision of public goods with solid budgetary commitments and a rural policy with a sectoral and regional vocation.

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