'MasterChef Celebrity': The reason why Estiwar G has no tooth

‘MasterChef Celebrity’: The reason why Estiwar G has no tooth

The reason MasterChef Celebrity's Estiwar G doesn't have one of his teeth.
The reason MasterChef Celebrity’s Estiwar G doesn’t have one of his teeth.

One of the participants who caught the eye during this edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ was Estiwar G, who captured the hearts of viewers and participants with his signature humor taken from the traditional. In a recent interview with ‘AutoStar TV’, he opened up about his problems with drugs, but something else caught his eye in that conversation.

Every time the ‘influencer’ speaks or smiles at the cameras, viewers have noticed that he is missing a tooth, however, few know the story behind this appearance that matches his ‘ñero’ look.

According to his account, it all happened when he was very young and he ate one of the favorite foods of Colombians at lunchtime that we commonly call the “step” and while he was chewing, his tooth flew.

“You know that we Colombians love pasta, cucayo. I’m a lover of this and eating this cucayo blew my ‘little hand’ tooth, it never came back. I thought it was reborn as ‘Picoro’,” ‘Estiwar G’ said.

The creator of the famous ‘toxitour’ spoke about the beginnings of his character, referring to the fact that everything was born when he had the idea to make a video for TikTok inside a pipe, representing people in the street, people who have been made invisible throughout history.

This face started in a pipe while making videos on TikTok, i said i will represent people on the street, i downloaded TikTok but almost forced. I said that there are people who represent the street and who also represent TikTok, I must be one of those who also represent the street and who show the reality of our country.

Few people know the real story behind who plays Estiwar G, as there have been few occasions in which the influencer has appeared without being impersonated, which he has perfected as he is recognized by more of his followers.

“Luis Fernando Arias is the one who brings this to life, he’s the one who hangs up his glasses, the hat, is not very different from ‘Estiwar’ and ‘Estiwar’ is not very different from Luis Fernando. We are completing a year of gestation,” the ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ participant added.

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Another of the topics he covered in the interview with Andrés Wilches was about his battle with drugs and the bad decisions they led him to make, but when he realized all the harm it was causing, he decided to work hand in hand with foundations to prevent more young people from falling into hazardous substance use.

“Yes, I had problems with psychoactive substances, I was not in prison, but I had problems with psychoactive substances, I worked in El Redentor, I worked in foundations, in rehabilitation centers, I was working with Family Welfare, that’s what brings what I’m saying to life, all the experience that the bald man has accumulated, I was also involved in my problems, in my troubles I couldn’t be in prison, I was also involved in this consumption, thank God I did my processes and we are clean, we help others.

Here you can see the full interview of the ñero influencer who caught all eyes on ‘MasterChef Celebirty’:


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