Meluk tells him (Presidential elections: great controversy in Dimayor)

Meluk tells him (Presidential elections: great controversy in Dimayor)

The last elections Fernando Jaramillo in his capacity as President of Dimayor they lit the stoves of the political kitchen of football. A stove that never goes out.

Jaramillo is right on one point: he cannot call a meeting to define each of the choices and decisions he makes on a daily basis, knowing that each time you choose between different scenarios, you will leave some happy and others furious.


The commission controversy

Jaramillo’s opposition clubs treat him as a one-sided dictator. This active minority, but with a strong voice and with a sounding board, exploited in public opinion the resignation of the disciplinary committees of the championship and of Dimayor because Jaramillo did not allow sanctions to be followed immediately for the entry of the public into certain stands to Millionaires vs. National and Medellin vs. Tolima, recent circuits in the semi-finals.

A very delicate, very serious event, with no recent history. A giant divide between the executive and judicial branches of the League. A huge deal.

Let’s start from an indisputable point: decisions and sanctions in case of violence or misconduct by supporters they must be more and more rigorous and severe. Zero tolerance in this regard. However, the sanctions imposed and sometimes lifted by those same commissions that have resigned are and have been a joke.
It is true that the decisions of these commissions have almost always been overtly political, since the presidency of Dimayor, even if he invokes public order and other reasons, because he cannot afford to overturn and ignore the court decisions. The Dimayor being Dimayor.

Fernando Jaramillo

Fernando Jaramillo, president of Dimayor.

When there was a death due to the riots of the criminal bars of Unión Magdalena and Junior, the same commissions that resigned in indignation had lifted the sanction with a law so as not to affect the box office of Junior in his match against National. The Dimayor being Dimayor.

The sanction against Millonarios, Llorente’s vase of outraged “League magistrates”, was communicated on an atypical day, Friday, just 27 hours from the superclásico final against Nacional for which all tickets were sold.
The appeals filed by Millonarios, all rejected, were resolved within hours on the same Saturday of the match and, by decision of Jaramillo, after consultation with the Security Secretary of the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, the application of the sanction was postponed . for just three hours before the game. The whole episode is so unusual, so Dimayor…

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In some express circuits in the semi-finals, in which there is no time or respite, the administration of justice must also be express. But as the games are played one after the other at full speed, the now resigning commissions deliver their judgment after stretching their arms and yawning.

So, for example, the misbehavior of the Millonarios supporters in the game against Junior on Wednesday should have been reported by an emergency call the same evening, or at dawn on Thursday, in the reports of the referee and the commissioner. If it was their turn to stay up late, then it was their turn, as it has happened, is happening and will happen with all workers in extraordinary situations, priority attention.

So, as of Thursday, with this emergency call – it’s an example, don’t forget – and practically if that was the case, the championship committee had to meet to sanction. And for the rest of Thursday, intervening resources were resolved, as they did on the same Saturday of the game.

If the sentences are upheld, well, the sanctioned team gives themselves a day to carry out the sanction, close the stands, prepare the logistics, alert local authorities and police, and people know if they can go. or not and he does not stay at the gate of the stadium pressing his way in the hard way, ballot in hand. But no: here it was the Dimayor being more Dimayor than ever.

The resignation of the always discussed and unreliable disciplinary commissions of the championship and the Dimayor is a very serious case, really, for the institutions of the League. The League courts accuse the League president of interference and favors, who for some reason ignored them. The presidential elections taken by Jaramillo are a fact…


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