Mhoni Seer's weekly horoscope from Monday 20 to Friday 24 June 2022

Mhoni Seer’s weekly horoscope from Monday 20 to Friday 24 June 2022

Our favorite fortune teller tells you the best horoscope predictions for each sign, your lucky numbers and the best day of the week.

This week Mhoni Seer tells you what awaits you in love, what is your tarot card, how it will suit you in work and fortune. Find out what fate has prepared for you.


Magical week for the sign of fire, because you will achieve all the goals you have in mind. The renewal of your employment contract is approaching, so you need to analyze it in detail and start a new era in your life. Remember that if you listen to negative comments about yourself, it will make your opponents stronger; learn to ignore, it is only to envy what they have towards you. Your magic numbers are 13 and 22, and your color of abundance is red. In tarot, your card is “Death”, which means burying the past and forming a better present. Stay away from toxic loves and friendships that are just interests. This card indicates that you will transform your life for the better, in a time of progress. June 22 will be your best day, don’t waste it and take the risk of doing all those things you’ve been thinking about for a long time.


You will start from zero during this week, that is to say, you will be able to obtain what you expect so much from your job or your business, you will only have to accommodate your activities. The sign of Taurus is stubborn by nature and this always leads them to seek abundance in their life, so there will be a few days of positive changes in the job offers. Beware of past love, for it will speak ill of you. You receive an invitation to go on a business trip and you apply for a bank loan to change residence. Stress is your weak point, so keep exercising. Your magic numbers are 02 and 07, and your color is blue. Your best day will be June 21. The tarot card for your sign is “The Star”, which indicates a week of triumphs and the arrival of a new, very compatible love.


You will come out of these problems which afflict you, throughout the week. You will have the opportunity you long for in terms of work, that is, a hierarchical position and the arrival of extra money. Nowadays, you have to be careful of gossip in your school or work environment, it is better not to comment on anyone and avoid problems. You are undergoing medical surgery, but everything will be fine. You complete the process of your university degree or thesis. Look no further for this love; If he’s not coming to you, he’s not interested. June 20 will be your best day. Your magic numbers are 19 and 33. Wear yellow, the color of prosperity. Your tarot card is “The Sun” and recommends that you walk with the first rays of the sun, which will help you renew positive energies. Do not seek your acceptance from others.


A new era is beginning in your sign which, without a doubt, will help you to flourish on a personal level. Your sign has the ability to be a great businessman and social leader due to his charisma, as well as his business acumen. Avoid being so confident with the people around you, not everyone wishes you well, it differentiates who really are loyal people. You will find true love and, if you already have a partner, your sentimental relationship will continue wonderfully. You go on vacation with your friends. You receive gifts that you did not expect. Take care of past debts and try to solve your legal problems. June 21 will be your happiest day and your color is orange. Your lucky numbers are 06 and 11. The Strength tarot card says don’t give up and don’t be afraid, spiritual strength is on your side.


A week of lots of work and meetings in your work environment. There will be a review from your superiors, so try to devote the whole day to your work issues. You will start with your exercise routine and proper diet that will make you look great and be the conqueror of the zodiac. You remember a love from the past, but it happened before and that person was not for you. You are invited to a company with friends and you work to succeed. June 23 will be your best day. Your magic numbers are 01 and 09, and your prosperity color is green. In the tarot card you have “The Magician”, which indicates that positive cosmic energy is in your favor. You will have a stroke of luck when it comes to gambling. They invite you to go on a trip with your friends to celebrate, now in August.


Good news and economic surprises will reach you this week. Your sign is at its best, so I recommend lighting a white candle on June 21 and wearing plenty of perfume to boost luck. You finish paying for your car and decide to buy a newer one; your sign always wants to feel progress in their life. Your lucky numbers are 03 and 20. Your happiest day will be June 20, and the color white will be a sign of prosperity. In the tarot, you get the “As of Wands” card, which guarantees that you will have a week full of opportunities and that your money will work in the best way. Make investments, because this card indicates that it will improve your economy. In addition, this card warns that you have hidden enemies and you should not be so confident, so you must protect yourself with certain rituals.


Week of having new ideas about your work, remember that your sign is always looking for stability in every way. These will be days of good work projects, just be careful not to talk about your plans. Go on the diet, your sign is dominated by the behavior of eating without hunger, think you need a drastic change to see yourself at your best. In love, I advise you to let yourself be loved and not to be so dramatic. In the tarot card that you have “El Loco”, your charisma and your warmth make you a person full of good energies, but it warns you also not to trust so much because there are loves and friends who will want to betray you. Put a barrier of spiritual light around you to invoke the protective angels. You will have great luck in gambling with the numbers 00 and 23, your color is yellow and your best day is 21.


This week there will be good energies around you, you just need to be more orderly in everything you do to have enough time. Do not give so much importance to the criticism of people who only envy you, you have the strength to get rid of all this negative energy just by wishing it. You go on a trip for work and take the opportunity to visit relatives. You think about a more formal relationship with your partner. Extra money comes to you to pay your debts, I advise you to organize yourself more in your expenses. Single Scorpios will receive love from the earth element. In the Tarot card you have “The Hermit”, you will have all the spiritual help to get you out of your problems and any ritual will work for you. You will be lucky on Tuesday with the numbers 07 and 15, use blue and green colors more, your best day is 23.


Week to pursue your projects and build a heritage for your future. Looking for better job options, your sign is the strongest in attracting money, so don’t miss the opportunities that come your way. You go on a business trip and visit a sick relative. Be careful with your mobile phone, take care of it so that it is not damaged. You will have last minute meetings due to personnel changes. In school matters, you take an exam to enter university or do a master’s degree. In the tarot card you have “The Chariot”, it’s time to focus more on your future and achieve your life goals. You will find inner peace, even if sometimes you are very drastic with yourself and punish yourself. You will be lucky with the numbers 08 and 35, your colors are orange and white, your best day is 22.


This week you will have some problems at work, remember that your sign makes you a perfectionist and it bothers you that others are not, it despairs you, I recommend that you try to be at peace and not not look for problems where there are none. Days of shopping for your house and painting your house because you are living a very good stage. Capricorns with a partner will have a few days of litigation and jealousy, try to find the best solution to have peace. In the tarot card you have obtained the “Golden Ace”, you must have confidence in your decision-making power and move forward in your professional life, success is in your hands. We must not cling to the complexes of the past, we must move forward and love what we have. Your happiest day will be the 21st, you will be lucky with the numbers 27 and 30 and your colors of abundance are red and white.


Your work energies will be very mixed this week, shift changes are coming, so try to be vigilant. You are making personal changes to remove toxic beings from your life. Your sign will never be alone and you will meet more compatible people. They offer you to go live abroad for a new job or studies. Take care of nervous problems, I recommend doing relaxation exercises. You will have exams in your school, try to apply yourself more in your studies. In the tarot card you have “The Wheel of Fortune”, life is an adventure in which you have to take risks to get what you want and get out of your comfort zone. You will receive new job opportunities that you must accept. Your lucky numbers are 10 and 17, your colors are blue and yellow, your best day will be 23.


It will be a lucky week for your sign, there will be drastic changes at work, but don’t forget to analyze all your options to grow financially. You pay off your credit card and update yourself with your debts. When it comes to couples, just watch out for betrayals, if you see that they no longer love each other, try to talk and give yourself time before they end very badly. Single Pisces will meet a compatible Cancer or Capricorn love. In the tarot card you have “The World” it means you have the power to make the necessary changes, but remember there is the butterfly effect and everything, no matter how small, will have an impact on your whole life. They will give you a hierarchical position in your work. Your lucky numbers are 18 and 24, use blue and green more, your magic day will be 22.

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