Mhoni Seer's weekly horoscope predictions for June 20-26

Mhoni Seer’s weekly horoscope predictions for June 20-26

From astrology, to tarot reading, Mhoni Vidente shares her predictions on topics that interest the greatest number such as the economy, work, health and love.

In this opportunity, The Cuban astrologer reveals the two lucky numbers for each sign of the zodiac.

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Start a new streak with a lot of positivity, which will allow you to set all the goals you have in mind. According to the movements of the stars, Aries might have a renewal in their contract, but they must learn to ignore the negative and the envy that others emanate. It’s time to bury the past, start over and move away from toxic loves to progress. Numbers: 13 and 22.


You are starting a new loop from scratch, so each of the activities you have will be suitable. The horoscope indicates that new job offers will appear and that a love from the past will speak ill of what they once had. In the economy, you will begin to take steps to obtain credit. Numbers: 02 and 07.


The economy is smiling at Geminis, because these days extra money will come their way. For Mhoni Seer, people born with this sign should be wary of gossip, so he invites them not to comment on anything. In good health, they could undergo surgery. You have to walk, sunbathe and recharge your batteries. Numbers: 19 and 33.


New business may come. Meanwhile, the stars communicate that people with this sign should avoid being so trusting with others and choose only those who are truly loyal. In love, an ideal partner will arrive, but if you already have one, everything will continue to be wonderful. When it comes to money, you need to take care of debts. Numbers: 06 and 11.


Week of a lot of work and meetings. The astrologer says that lions will have criticism from their superiors. Healthy, they will begin to exercise and eat better. On the other hand, a memory of a past love will arrive, but the horoscope indicates that it has already happened and should remain there. It’s time to go on a trip and enjoy with friends. Numbers: 01 and 09.


It will be a week of economic surprises, since they can pay off a debt and buy a new good or service. Opportunities come at the door, during these days Virgo will feel power in all areas and this will allow her to experience unforgettable triumphs. However, tarot cards show enemies, so don’t shake hands with everyone. Numbers: 03 and 20.


There will be job stability, according to the seer. Similarly, Libras will take care of their bodies and adopt a suitable diet. In love, the best is to accept that this person wants to build something good and for that it is essential to try to let go of the drama; Also, good energies appear, but there can be friendly people who show betrayal. Numbers: 00 and 23.


To achieve what you have in mind, there must be an organization involved. According to the Cuban astrologer, Scorpio will have a week during which he will not give importance to anyone, but will focus on his family circle. You will receive a good sum of money which you can take advantage of to pay on hold and stop spending so much. A love of the earth element will arrive. Numbers: 07 and 15.


It’s time to start building assets for the future, so you’re going to invest in projects and take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. You will go out to visit a sick family member, you will also focus on a study exam. Regarding health, there will be a mental tranquility that allows you to find inner peace. Numbers: 08 and 35.


Not everything can be perfect, and Capricorn will learn to deal with situations that make them feel complex because others aren’t doing a good job. You will be looking to renovate your home, go shopping and live a new stage. In matters of the heart, the seer says she will have days of lawsuits and jealousy. Also, you have to move forward and love what you have today. Numbers: 27 and 30.


Professional and personal changes will come to attenuate all the negative energies. The horoscope indicates that there will be the possibility of a trip abroad, but it is necessary to devote more time to studies and academic examinations. In health, everything is fine and you have to move away from the states of comfort that characterize this sign. Numbers: 10 and 17.


Mhoni Seer ends with the zodiac fish and mentions that They will radically change jobs. In the economy, there will be payments on credit and debts will run a better course. If you have a partner, you should talk about it if you feel things are not going so well; if they are single, they will meet a Cancer or a Capricorn. Any act, no matter how small, is rendered. Numbers: 18 and 24.

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