One Piece Has A New Yonko And It’s Not The One You Imagine

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There are many theories about the rise of Buggy the Clown, but could he really become the Pirate King?

It’s no secret that Eiichiro Oda has always maintained his own style when it comes to narrating pirate adventures. However, until now all the unexpected twists, secrets that changed the course of history and uncovered the origin of One Piece’s most notable characters seemed to have come to an end, despite the fact that the events of the Arc War Wano they still don’t stop.

And just when we thought there could be no more surprises in the adventure series, we realize that the world of One Piece has a new Yonko that we all know, but no one did not suspect. Can you imagine who it is? well It’s about Buggy the Clown. Just like you read it.

The popular manga has expanded its events since the days of East Blue, so the characters have had to face off and fight some of their biggest battles to keep up. This means that some of the characters have had to work harder to become renowned combatants, or pirates who command fear and respect among the great fleets. And, although he may surprise the public, Buggy has become quite a formidable leader.


What is a Yonko?

So far, a clarification is in order.** The title of “Yonko” (seen as an extension of Emperor of the Sea) applies to a pirate who, because of his exploits, was able to seize ‘considerable territory** and has enough power to feature in world politics and, of course, to be considered a dangerous enemy of the world government.

Now, in the past, those who got their hands on this title are characterized by their incredible skills, strength, determination, and mastery of various forms of Haki.

So how did Buggy get this far if he hasn’t shown these attributes in recent One Piece chapters? The answer is quite simple, and that is that despite the fact that Buggy hasn’t shown signs of massive power and its crew is in the same condition, there’s evidence that since the events of Orange Town , he and his comrades made great strides towards power. Although the public still doubts if he will have what it takes to be above the seas.

The Reveal of Buggy’s Power

Once we approached the ascent of Buggy the Clown, in chapter 1053 we can finally see how he arrived in the Yonko category. As we mentioned earlier, Buggy is now an Evil Emperor with the highest status a Pirate can have except Pirate King.

For his part, during his introduction in Chapter 9, Buggy was an intimidating villain, though he quickly became the mockery of his peers thanks to his incompetence. Even Buggy’s teammates also lacked skill, but Buggy may have only pretended to rise through the ranks. In fact, the show hasn’t revealed exactly what the character did to earn the Yonko title, so there’s a lot of speculation among audiences.


Interestingly, whoever gets this title is a potential Pirate King. In this way, Buggy is likely to become. At the same time, there are three other characters who also have great possibilities, but they are all world famous fighters and immensely powerful. On the contrary, Buggy could not have gone so far thanks to his abilities; however, it’s likely that his position as Yonko is tied to a specific feat when almost everyone was fighting in Wano.

Another theory is that Buggy found Captain John’s treasure, a pirate known for breaking up with the Rock Pirates. This teroso is considered by many to be the second most valuable, only after One Piece, and Buggy is years behind him, so it wouldn’t be surprising if his dream came true. Or, maybe Buggy discovered one of the Ancient Weapons and because of this, the World Government sees him as a threat to their interests.

Whatever Buggy’s reasons for coming to power, the reality is that he is still seen as a cowardly pirate who couldn’t cope with the implications of the position, although it should be remembered that he is immune to Haki Covered Cut, one of the deadliest attacks in the world of One Piece. But now may be his chance to show how far he can go on the seas.

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