Rafael Robayo: 'in Millionaires there is no one who raises their voice on the pitch'

Rafael Robayo: ‘in Millionaires there is no one who raises their voice on the pitch’

millionaires he left behind the elimination of the League, after the role in the circuits. Despite the base of good players, those of Gamero still needed a penny for the peso. A page apart and the people of Bogota celebrate their 76th anniversary this June 18, as one of the most representative clubs in Colombia.

Many players have passed through his shirt, few have gone down in history. One of them is Raphael Robayo, player and fan of the Millonarios. The Bogotano managed to be champion with the team. Now, from the outside, he lives every game like any other fan.

The midfielder was present, from the stands, in the home run matches, receiving applause from the supporters of the El Campín stadium. Moment to remember these moments of glory, but also of sadness, during his time as a player ambassador.

Robayo’s sentiment is unquestioned, but he also has the voice and authority to refer to Blue’s moment. He spoke with FUTBOLRED, about the affection for the institution, the present and the need to have a more competitive payroll, for the history of the Millionaires.

What does Millionaires mean in your life?

In my professional life, it is my sports house. This is where I made myself known, I had titles, a sporting image which I have enjoyed for many years of my career, of which I am a fan. Personally it’s a blessing to have been in the club, I wish I could give my last dance in the blue shirt, to contribute to the team at some point. It is this love that one feels for a place, an institution and the people who supported it at the time.

Possibilities of returning to Millionaires

No, now we haven’t had any contact. Due to the question of the end of the team’s participation, I did not have the possibility of a message beyond the support for the situation and the good work he did with the young people, in as far as he could go.

Macallister’s contact and advice, from what he sees off the pitch

With ‘Maquita’ we have a close relationship, we talk a lot. What we try to do is to support him, more than advice, that’s what we see on the outside, unfortunately he has only been in a large part of the tournament in this leadership in the team, experienced players. This did not allow him to express everything about the sport as he would like. He had to support young players, with good presentations, but who didn’t have that leadership for the team to reach another final.

I congratulated him on his excellent work. He’s a human being, sometimes he can have regular matches, where things don’t work out. He always looked up, despite the circumstances. This elimination was blamed on Professor Gamero, knowing that the payroll is not up to what the team is doing.

Gaps and areas for improvement in the Millonarios squad

It lacks an experience center. If you tell me who, Román Torres is free, wanted to come, he has Millos in his heart. He could bring a lot of experience in this defense which is very weak. With the departure of Juan Pablo Vargas to the national team, he showed us that we have no security in this area, to level that when he is not there.

On the sides, it is necessary to have replacement. Bertel ended up having a great championship, playing well, just like Elvis. But there is no one to replace them, for when they are not there physically or by sanction. In the middle, you need experience, Larry and Pereira did well, as did Stiven. There’s no one leading, with all due respect, on the pitch, raising their voice, putting the boys’ feet on the ground.

Maca needs another partner to help her, one with experience to help her. So that he doesn’t take all the weight. We realized that Daniel Ruiz is a good player, with projection, but he is young to face the weight of the Millonarios.

Celis and Sosa arrived to contribute, but they were not the expected solution. One end is essential. There are young players like Guerra, Quiñones and Gómez, but one is missing with weight, with experience, to teach them to play calmly in the last moments, to make better decisions
With the arrival of Luis Carlos and the rumor of Castro, another attacker is needed, who shows respect. It’s not easy with five or six players, but the team needs them.

Moments of joy and sadness with the blues

If I look at it by goals, the Cup and League titles. Looking at the others, the 2007 South American and my first goal. They were awesome. And the most difficult, several because obviously the eliminations hurt us, with marches towards the final. With Junior, we won in Bogotá and lost on penalties in Barranquilla. That of Cali on penalties, we deserved to be in this final. Mistakes and lack of concentration at decisive moments.

Message to Millionaires Fans

Praise them for their support, which showed in the games I attended, in the stands, with a full stadium, despite the fact that the team could not meet what people expected . Enjoy Millionaires birthday, celebrate it in peace, with great joy. They require experienced players. Millionaires deserve a much more competitive payroll, to be champion. It’s not just having a youth project to sell players, which gives fans titles and that they are constantly in the final.

Sergio Cortes
FUTBOLRED Editorial Office

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