Seven keys to the fully hybrid Ford Escape

Seven keys to the fully hybrid Ford Escape

The Ford Escape hybrid allows you to travel up to 1,200 km on a full tank.

The Ford Escape hybrid allows you to travel up to 1,200 km on a full tank.

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Ford has oriented its efforts to focus resolutely on clean and efficient technologies, and proof of this is that its overall strategy aims to lead the electrification revolution. Thus, in 2030, more than 60% of its global vehicle volume will be fully electric and much of the rest full hybrids. With this objective, investments in electrification have been increased to more than US$30,000 million by 2025, in addition to the creation of a division dedicated to the accelerated development of electric vehicles, called Ford Model e™.

In Colombia, the brand with the blue oval has gradually introduced solutions with this type of innovation, focusing only on fully hybrid technology as a fundamental element to migrate towards sustainable mobility.

So in 2020, Ford incorporated the first hybrid SUV of its portfolio in the country: the fully hybrid Ford Escape, which, in fact, was the first compact SUV to reach the local market with the full hybridization function. This model is distinguished by its sophisticated design, its driver assistance equipment and its unique technologies in its segment; exceptional fuel efficiency and low emissions, while maintaining the performance, reliability and comfort that characterize this line and the brand in general.

Here are the seven keys to the fully hybrid Ford Escape:

fully hybrid

It is powered by two engines: one electric, which develops 37 hp, and the other petrol, 2.5 l and Atkinson cycle, which delivers 163 hp. In other words, the vehicle develops a total power of 200 hp, providing an exceptional driving experience and performance.

100% electric mode

It can be propelled exclusively by the electric motor. At start-up and at moderate speed, which can oscillate between 40 and 60 km/h in general. This without the intervention of the petrol engine, implying marginal emissions and zero fuel consumption. Likewise, on long journeys, up to 70% of the distance can be covered in 100% electric mode, without activating the internal combustion engine, with the possibility of covering the entire distance in electric mode during short journeys .

Curiously, when driving in particular conditions, with particular driving practices and a controlled topographical environment, the vehicle could reach up to 130 km/h with the exclusive impulse of the electric motor.

full hybrid

In scenarios and situations where the demand for power is higher, the gasoline engine is automatically activated, accompanying the electric motor to give rise to a hybrid mode, which allows to provide the best performance, with a total of 200 hp available. .

Adapts independently

When hybrid mode is activated, the system automatically chooses the optimal operating mode for the two engines: electric and thermal, in order to maximize performance and efficiency. The vehicle is able to assimilate what is happening in the environment, autonomously adapting the operation of its propulsion architecture while driving.

Automatically recharges when braking

The electric motor is powered by a high-voltage lithium-ion battery, which is automatically recharged through an advanced system of energy regeneration through resistance to braking and deceleration, freeing the Ford Escape full hybrid from the need to connect to a power outlet.

Up to 1,200 km range

The full-hybrid Ford Escape could deliver up to 1,200 km of fuel efficiency on a single tank of fuel, achieving much better performance in particular driving and topographical situations. That translates to about 90 kilometers per gallon, making it an SUV that far exceeds not only the average efficiency of conventional internal combustion vehicles, but several full hybrids as well.

Significant CO2 reduction

This fully hybrid vehicle allows a significant reduction of CO2 emissions in the environment. For example, the vehicle emits approximately 20% less gas than a conventional internal combustion vehicle and 18% less than a mild hybrid.

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