Entre el silencio y resignadas palabras artistas vallenatos se manifestaron ante el triunfo de Petro

Several vallenateros didn’t like Petro’s victory very much; they reacted in networks

Although on several occasions some Vallenato artists have shown their support for the candidate they want to become president, demonstrating publicly through their social networks, before the triumph of Gustavo Petro, this Sunday, June 19, some decided to remain silent, while others expressed themselves with words of “resignation”.

Colombia elected a new president and with him several reactions arose around the victory of Gustavo Petro, both from his supporters and from those who were in opposition, however, some representatives of vallenato music and folklore have not yet spoken openly against him. the new president.

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The ‘Mono’ Zabaleta, Silvestre Dangond, Ana del Castillo, Wilfrán Castillo, Natalie Curvelo, Gabby Arregocés, Juan Mario de la Espriella, Beto Zabaleta, Yader Romero, among other artists from the Vallenato music industry, made a powerful counterweight to the new president of the country, because with a very marked political tendency towards the rightmany of them assured that they would “never” vote for Gustavo Petro.

One of the first to tweet something was Vallenato singer-songwriter Wilfrán Castillo, who wrote on his social media “Dobleuuu leaving for Miami in 3, 2 (…Laughs) No, I accept defeat politics and I wish you much success as citizens. Also that they respect all the social proposals and although I don’t like the new president, democracy is respected. Congratulations and blessings”.

It should be noted that the composer vallenato was very impatient and radical in the face of the presidential elections because, although in the first presidential round he declared that he was going to vote for ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez at the last minute, he changed his vote for Rodolfo Hernández, in addition to that On his Twitter account, he made constant comments that implied that he was not a sympathizer of the Colombian left, let alone Petro.

“The left is nothing but the religion of resentment. Everything hurts them, everything is violated, they would rather start a union than start their own business. They hate the boss, but they feel sorry for themselves and with the excuse of inequality and inclusion they want to rule. No more”, expressed the artist vallenato on the social network.

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On the other hand, “Mono” Zabaleta, who was one of the artists who campaigned the most for Rodolfo Hernández and even composed verses for the “engineer”, did not speak out against the defeat of his candidate.

Likewise, Ana del Castillo, another of the artists who opposed Petro and in which she repeatedly hinted that she would “never” vote for him, for which she gave her full support to the engineer Rodolfo Hernández through messages like: “My dear old man, I love him. I am with you until the end. I have already climbed the ‘rodolfoneta’, he has not spoken openly about the defeat of ‘his old man’, as he repeatedly called him.

Gabby Arregocés, Vallenato singer-songwriter and fervent critic of Gustavo Petro and the Colombian left, was also dissatisfied with the results of this Sunday, June 19.

“Youth will pay dearly for this mistake, time will tell who you chose. You hurt me Colombia”.

Silvestre Dangond, another of the celebrities who, although he was active on the first day of the elections and who, in the first presidential round, had supported the then presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez and his political line, a few days before the presidential elections and after a remarkable silence following the defeat of the former mayor of Medellin, he was quite obscured after a political content page included him in a meme by Rodolfo Hernández, which referenced the controversy the head of the Anti-Corruption Governors League waged aboard a yacht in Miami, Florida .

“Can you imagine a party of Rodolfo Hernández, Silvestre Dangond and Poncho Zuleta? The mahi mahi supply would run out in Colombia for a week! was the comment with which the Movimiento Naranja accompanied said publication.

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The “meme”, which apparently did not suit the vallenato singer, aroused the fury of the artist who also named opponents of Hernández as those responsible for him and many artists have decided not to talk about politics.

“They won’t even leave us alone?” They got what they wanted, they silenced most of the artists, this time…it’s not working for them, just like we’re tongue in our ass, swallowing dry, watching the political degradation of a country ! But it’s true that we look prettier, quietly like that, ”said Dangond.

Then, from there and faced with the results that gave the winner to Gustavo Petro, the then interpreter of ‘Las locos mías’ no longer showed up on his social networks.

2. Carlos Vives and Peter Manjarrés sent a message of hope for the new government that is beginning.  COURTESY PHOTO
2. Carlos Vives and Peter Manjarrés sent a message of hope for the new government that is beginning. COURTESY PHOTO

Carlos Vives welcomed Petro’s new victory with joy

Although the majority of Vallenato artists did not speak out against the outcome of the presidential run-off or express their displeasure, music and folklore singers from the Caribbean region Colombia sent an encouraging message in front of millions of followers.

The first to speak was Carlos Vives, who wrote on his Twitter account how happy his heart was to see the hope in millions of people.

“It rejoices the heart to see the hope of millions of people. We have a great opportunity to unite in diversity and design a sustainable and dignified living together for all. It can be! Let’s heal together. Congratulations to President-elect Gustavo Petro and Vice President Francia Márquez”.

Another of the artists who, although he did not show his support for any candidate, but who sent blessings to the new president, was Peter Manjarrés who wrote on his social networks.

Colombia chose Gustavo Petro. May God guide our new president so that Colombia is the country we all dream of for the future of our children.

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