The Incredible Multiverse Movie That Kicks Marvel On

The Incredible Multiverse Movie That Kicks Marvel On

Intense, senseless, violent, unexpected, absurd, radical and profound. These are some of the adjectives that the film “Everything everywhere at the same time” received (Everything everywhere all at once), perhaps the most risky cinematic experience of the year and which opens this Thursday in theaters.

Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, directors who have already made an impression with proposals such as Swiss Army Man, in which Daniel Radcliffe stands out from the shadow of Harry Potter, to become a flatulent corpse who befriends a castaway somewhat unsteady.

Only with this caliber of plot, this filmmaking duo generated a lot of interest among those looking for stories that were not only challenging, but also took surrealism to extremes and even the sweetest melodramawhich could have been a comedy or an adventure of strange friends.

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They did not fail and they have now reached a new level of evolution in their powerful way of making films, thanks to ‘Everything everywhere at the same time’, which looked like one more delirium to which the production company A24 has accustomed usbut it came as a surprise that it became that company’s most successful box office.

Everything everywhere at the same time

The breathtaking film was produced by the A24 company.

A24 was the creator of contemporary classics such as “The Sacrifice of the Sacred Deer”; ‘Midsommar’, ‘The Devil’s Legacy’, ‘In the 90s’, ‘Minari’ or the terrifying and recently released ‘X’.

It is not easy to qualify a film as ‘Everything Everywhere’…, in which the protagonist is the great Michelle Yeoh, the Malaysian-born muse of some of Jackie Chan’s films; the awe-inspiring Wai Lig, the Bond girl who wasn’t upstaged by Pierce Brosnan in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ or the deadly samurai warrior Yu Shu Lien in ‘The Tiger and the Dragon’.

“Everything, everywhere at the same time” is about people, their relationships and their frustrations”

Admittedly it has a bit of a martial arts touch to it, a few action movie homage touches, but actually Yeoh gets one of the most interesting and acclaimed returns for a star who needed a leading man to suit him and outside of any predictable narrative.

Her new story revolves around Evelyn Wanga mature woman surviving in the United States with a laundry that looks like it’s about to fall apart, a patient husband who, though he loves her, looks like he’s about to leave her, and a teenage daughter who lives in an eternal conflict trying to figure out who she is and what the hell she is you want to do with your life.

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Everything everywhere at the same time

Emily (center) has a complicated and routine life, but she soon discovers she wields an inexplicable power.

Until then, everything looks like a pure drama whose course is clear; however, Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert step out of the script and take the story into the realm of science fiction and the idea of ​​multiverses, parallel worlds, side dimensions in which a person can live multiple lives. and in which decisions (however small) bring with them consequences of unimaginable danger. Evelyn, the stressed-faced lady who struggles to pay her business taxes and doesn’t want to accept that her daughter is a lesbian, finds himself trapped in a battle between many realities, which has nothing to envy to Marvel and its superheroes.

With situations ranging from comical to bloody and that it is not worth describing so as not to spoil the experience and the surprise, the protagonist rediscovers what her life has been and could be, given the path she has chosen.

In this process, she becomes an invincible fighter, a movie star, a mother who, instead of fingers, has sausages or turns into a children’s animation, trying to save humanity and loved ones. A hallucinogenic journey that, when it seems to land, rises into another insane narrative twist that never tires.

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Everything everywhere at the same time

The protagonist will fight tirelessly to protect his family.

Michelle Yeoh battles a group of police officers while learning to jump from one parallel universe to another.. The brutal fight turns a few minutes into a choreography full of physical humor in which her opponents try to use her buttocks to escape to another reality and she has a vision in which she is not married and, instead to have a laundry drowned in debt, it is a young woman who goes to the countryside to learn kung fu and discovers the deadly power that the little finger can have. This is just one example of feast of twists that the film has.

In recent interviews, the 59-year-old actress herself emphasized that it was an incredible journey and that Sometimes he thought, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’.

But the Daniels (as the filmmakers are known in the film world) always responded with a smile and reminded him that something deeper was hidden beneath those layers of surrealism. “’Everything everywhere’ is about people, their relationships and their frustrations,” they reminded him. They weren’t really lying.

“Evelyn Wang deserves to have a voice and to be heard through her experience with her loved ones. But What got me excited about this project is that it encompasses so many genres and moments from other films.– it reminds you of ‘The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey’ or ‘The Science of Dreams’ – and the only way they could really push was by using science fiction. I was able to do it all: action, horror, drama, romance and experience in a love story.

This recognized, in an article in ‘Elle’ magazine, a moved Michelle Yeoh who underlines her great power in front of the cameras. Step aside, Marvel superheroes, Evelyn Wang can kick your ass!

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