The secrets of Verstappen, Sainz and Hamilton at the Canadian GP

The secrets of Verstappen, Sainz and Hamilton at the Canadian GP

    Chill rooms in Formula 1, also known as the “cool down room”, are characterized by being the place where the three best classified on Sunday discuss among themselves the race, duels, strategy and accidents. On some occasions, these are relaxed discussions depending on whether the test was calm or not. Although more than once the friction between pilots was historic. Otherwise, let them say Philippe Massa Already Fernando Alonso at the 2007 European GP or at Mark Webber Already Sebastian Vettel after the famous Multi-21 of the Malaysian GP 2013, among many other examples.

    An F1 without secrets

    Obviously, FOM doesn’t want to miss any of the moments when more confessions take place. Everything that happens in this room is public. The pilots know this and many times they have to be warned not to swear live, because young audiences listen to them. On this occasion, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton, the members of the podium in Montreal, offered us some rather interesting comments.

    The duel for victory

    Sainz and Verstappen analyzed the final laps between them. The Spaniard lamented the impossibility of overtaking the RB18:There was nothing to slip past him”, Carlos addressed Hamilton. Immediately afterwards, Verstappen observes in the summary of the giant screen the transition to braking of the Ferrari driver at the hairpin, in full pursuit of the lead: “Did it happen in the last lap?asked the Dutchman, to which Sainz replied: “No, in the penultimate”. At this information, Max nodded.Ah that’s good”.

    The battle at the exit of the the escape route

    Verstappen and Hamilton crossed paths after the Dutchman was stopped. That of Red Bull came out of the pitbut Lewis defended the parallel at the limit inside the trajectory and kept his opponent one lap down: “This maneuver was closeMax smiles. The seven-time champion was honest: “Oh yes. I couldn’t see you for a while. It was like, ‘Where is he?’ I wasted time with you“, acknowledged the Mercedes driver.

    Tsunoda’s accident

    The AlphaTauri rider took off the roost with a runway excursion, precisely, in turn two just after leaving boxes. Seeing the images, Sainz immediately understood the Japanese accident: “It’s the turn to go, isn’t it?asked the Madrid native:In the pit lane?Hamilton replied Charles said: “Yes, there is a pothole over there. I’ve been very scared with this pothole all weekend”. Verstappen, listening to the conversation, interjected:I braked there a lot before, but not because of the pothole, but because of the lack of grip”.

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    A few seconds later, the organization asks the three protagonists of the room to access the podium and the rest of the images are already part of the story. This is how conversations happen between Formula 1 drivers as soon as they finish a race, as long as they end well between themselves. Without filters, all the secrets come out. There is nothing to hide and fans are grateful to F1 that these scenarios, so common for drivers, are shared for the wider public. In Great Britain, in less than two weeks, we will again have the pleasure of dialogue like this between the pilots.

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