These are the best-selling items of the day on the second day without VAT

These are the best-selling items of the day on the second day without VAT

The second day of the Day without VAT 2022 in Colombia has been cataloged as one of the most successful of those that have been carried out so far, with a collection of 10.6 billion pesos in sales, a growth of 16.6% compared to the first day, held on March 11.

As for top-selling items, the National Directorate of Tax and Customs (Dian) reported that the top-selling items were audio and video equipment and devices, which saw a growth of 54.08% compared to March 11. Next come sporting goods with 44.9%, followed by footwear and leather goods with 44.8%, computers and peripherals with 40.3% and clothing with 32%.

Regarding the regions and cities of the country where the greatest number of sales took place, Dian indicated that the list is led by the department of Antioquia, with an increase of 55.66%, compared to the first day. It is followed by Cundinamarca (34.93%), Santander (22.38%), Bogotá (13.86%) and Valle del Cauca (12.28%).

Lisandro Junco Riveira, director of the entity, assured that this second day of discounts, and the eighth since the creation of the initiative, was a success, and in which 7,270,181 registered electronic invoices were also registered . “This allows us to affirm that Colombians are better informed and encouraged to take advantage of this tax advantage,” he said.

For his part, Jaime Alberto Cabal, President of the National Federation of Traders (Fenalco), assured that “the big winners of the second day of #DaySansVAT are the Colombians, It is a message for the next government, to take care of this tool”.

President Iván Duque also spoke on the matter and declared, on his Twitter account: “The balance of the second #DaySansVAT of this year. On a preliminary basis, sales amount to $10.6 billion; a 16.6% growth in turnover compared to the first day of 2022. In addition, purchases increased by 6% compared to March 11. #ItSWithFacts”.

There was a meltdown with Redeban

In the middle of the Day without VAT, where Colombians take advantage of the 19% reduction for the tax exemption, this Friday, June 17, citizens began to report failures through social networks, stating that in several companies there is no there was no network the credit and debit card payment system, due to a technical problem in the Redeban dataphones.

One of the companies concerned, and about which citizens complain on the networks, is Falabella. There is even cases of users who said they tried to buy their products for hours, in addition to queuing, due to problems with payment methods.

“I went to Falabella de Unicentro, in Bogotá, around 8:00 p.m., to buy shoes, but when I went to the cash desk to pay for them, The warehouse workers explained to those of us who were there that Redeban was down nationwide and they were waiting for service to be restored. They only receive cash payments, for the moment. The Redeban system has been down for about half an hour or more,” a citizen told SEMANA.

For its part, from Falabella they confirmed to this media that the problem came directly from the Redeban dataphonesso that more than one company would be affected at this precise moment by network outages, without being able to determine exactly when their customers could again pay with cards.

Citizens, annoyed at not being able to buy their products, exploded on social networks against the company of payment solutions for electronic commerce, claiming that a failure like the one pictured shouldn’t happen in the middle of a day like today because having the tax exemption increases sales.

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