This is how the boy from 'La vie est belle' dedicates himself to it after 25 years

This is how the boy from ‘La vie est belle’ dedicates himself to it after 25 years

Have you ever wondered what happens to the lives of those kids who star in very famous movies? Here we tell you what happened to the little boy who appeared in the Italian film ‘Life is beautiful’ by filmmaker Roberto Benigni, from 1997.
The boy was Giorgio Cantari, who is currently 30 years old and continues to develop in the world of cinema.

“Life is Beautiful” was based on the real life experience of Rubino Romeo Salmoni, one of the Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. His testimony was recorded in the book titled “In the end, I defeated Hitler”.

He was played by Roberto Benigni, who played the role of ‘Guido Orefice’; Nicoletta Braschi, who played “Dora”, Benigni’s wife; and Giorgio Cantarini, who played the role of little ‘Giosué’.

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This feature film shows what happened in a Holocaust concentration camp from the perspective of Orefice and his family, who do everything possible to survive.

The film production has been recognized with more than 50 international awards. Among them, three Oscars, the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival, the César of the French Academy for the best foreign film and the Goya for the best European film.

Giorgio’s participation in the film

It was hard to understand that I had played to play something that had happened, the Holocaust

Giorgio Cantarini told Italian media some time ago how he was chosen for the role of ‘Giosué’. And it is that the credit is due to the fact that his uncles found an advertisement in the newspaper saying that they were looking for a boy for a movie.

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Reading the description, they realized that his nephew fit the character perfectly. They convinced the little boy’s parents to audition. For this “casting” more than a thousand candidates presented themselves, however, it was Cantarini who captivated Benigni and got the role at the age of five.

Around this time, he also said it was a dilemma for Roberto to try and find a way to tell the little boy what the movie was about. “They told it to me like a short story, which was a story of good guys and bad guys“, he commented.

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He also said he understood the depth of the film years later, when he was older. “It was hard to understand that he played to play something that happened, the Holocaust,” he said.

What are you doing today?

After ‘La vie est belle’, the young man could be seen in four more films, but his parents decided he had better concentrate on his studiesbecause Giorgio was too young to know if acting was his calling.

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In 2019, the actor confessed to ‘El Mundo’ that “until I was 18, I wanted to be a footballer. Cinema was something I loved, but it could have ended perfectly in a playground”.

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Also, he added: “After school, following the advice of Benigni, with whom I have always been in contact and who still invites me to previews or to have an ice cream, I tried to enter the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome. I graduated in 2014”.

During these years he appeared in different “castings” as an actor. “Today, I only do quality jobs. I had a small role in “Lamborghini”, “The Legend”, by “Bobby Moresco”, with Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin. It was nice to ride big again. Also, I took ‘El montaplatos’, by Harold Pinter, to the theater with my friend Miguel Ángel Gobbo Díaz. Later, I shot the series ‘Rai Aus-Adopt a student’ as the protagonist,” he said.

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Currently, at 30, his life is divided between traveling between Italy and the United States, since He studied at the New York Film Academy in order to be able to work as a director in the future.

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