What the 'Parents & Kids' actor looks like when he's expecting his sixth baby and if he's a millionaire

What the ‘Parents & Kids’ actor looks like when he’s expecting his sixth baby and if he’s a millionaire

Less than two years have passed since the birth of her last child, Juan Pablo Obregón and his wife, Ana María Malagón, are again in sweet expectation. The actor is remembered for his stints in ‘Fathers and Children’ and ‘Vampire Girl,’ although in recent years he’s devoted himself to other duties that haven’t tied him closely to television.

Obregón’s last weeks were very emotional with his wife’s pregnancywith whom he announced the arrival of the sixth baby some time ago, and because together they have totally immersed themselves in the electoral stakes, so much so that their social networks are flooded with messages related to politics and God.

The couple are portrayed as staunch Catholic believers with close ties to the church, so much so that they call themselves ‘pro-lifers’, which is why they are against abortion. Although they are expecting their sixth child, Malagón says on their social networks that they are going to have “those that we can have biologically, support economically and educate Christianly.” In other words, those whom God wants’, so that they don’t give a certain ‘no’ to having more children.

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Children of Juan Pablo Obregón: actor of ‘Fathers and Children’

As if he had brought fiction into reality, this artist has formed his family over the years. In an interview with El Espectador, Obregón expressed “Family is the most important” and although he didn’t seek six children “because he said he wanted a maximum of two”, things started to happen.

Obregón is proud of the family he has formed with his wife and does not deny that “it is difficult for many reasons”, although he points out other things: “It is more important to see how much beauty each child gives us than to know how difficult it can be.”

Juan Pablo Obregón’s sixth baby is still in gestation and, due to the age of the mother, the care must be much greater. “The will is of God but there is a reality and it is the age of my wife. In reality, We didn’t plan this baby and we don’t know why he came, he surely came by the will of God”.

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However, this family has had three losses of unborn children in the past and that is why they take each day with great caution. Here’s what this sweetly waiting couple looks like:

Juan Pablo Obregón, of ‘Fathers and Children’, says if he is a millionaire

Inevitably, when thinking about this number of children, it is associated with how well a family can be supported financially. Expressing that he doesn’t want to be judged or criticized, although they already do that a lot, Obregón stressed that he does not force anyone to have that number of children, but that people have to do it according to their conditions.although he is not a millionaire, far from it.

“A lot of people will say ‘six children? Of course, he’s a millionaire, these actors make a lot of money’”, even if he prefers to focus on the happiness that his offspring gives him. However, he is not unaware that at some point we think of matter: “Humanly, at some point we worry a little about the economic issue, the future of the country and what is happening now, but the first thing is the will of God”.

His six children, and the three they lost, were gestated by Ana María, his wife to whom he has been married for 20 years, although each was born under different circumstances. In a conversation with La Red, Obregón said that the eldest was born in Mexico and paid about $3,000more than 15 years ago, the second was in Bogotá and its delivery was worth almost two million pesosbut since the third the economic situation was different and had to be carried by the Sisbén. However, he says they received better care there than in their other births, so the others were also born in these conditions.

“The money issue is not that it doesn’t matter, but for us it’s not in the foreground. It’s not that we’re full of money or that we’re millionaires, but rather that every child is a gift that God sends at the precise moment,” he stressed.

This is how he told the story of his life in the program Caracol Television in which he recalled that his grandmother had 18 children, although they did not aspire to the same.

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