What we know about the Netflix incident where 2 people died

What we know about the Netflix incident where 2 people died

Two actors died in Mexico during the recording of a series produced by Netflix

Deadline reported that two actors from the upcoming TV series of netflix, The chosen (previously named american jesus), died after a car accident near Santa Rosalia Tijuana, Mexico where the filming of the show took place.

The accident happened after a van carrying several cast and crew members of the series crashed and overturned, injuring six members of the production team and killing two actors, identified as Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar, also known as the scene of Paco Mufote.

A spokeswoman for the American Actors Union said in a statement that they were already in contact with netflix and the National Association of Actors of Mexico (ANDA) to investigate the crash.

“SAG-AFTRA has been in contact with Netflix and the Mexican Actors Union ANDA regarding this incident and we are investigating the circumstances with the local production. Safety on set is always our top priority. We will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our members and others in their workplaces.”


Your colleagues speak

After announcing the accident, various members of the production team took to social media to express their feelings and expose the dangerous working conditions in which they found themselves.

“I am absolutely devastated” wrote the screenwriter on Twitter Fayçal Lutchmedial. “Paco Mufote, a brilliant actor and musician, died in an accident on his way to a Netflix set. I am furious to learn that poor production safety measures caused this tragedy.”

Likewise, the Mexican actor Ferdinand Bonille He wrote on Twitter that he was devastated by the sudden death of his friend Garduño. “A lot of film and TV productions have overworked drivers, causing this fucking drama. I just found it and I can’t believe it. My heart is broken.

What caused the accident?

The Los Angeles Times had the opportunity to speak with some members of the production who noted that the actors on set had complained about transportation issues, including that the drivers were tired from working long hours.

The writer Rick Zazueta He also joined in the complaints, writing in several posts on his Facebook that the cast had previously complained about logistics and transportation issues in the production.

“Forget confidentiality agreements and future job losses, there is blood here and it could have been any of us (…). We know it was a car accident, but we also know it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the poor production driven by Stacy Perskie and Everardo Gout. The international media are preparing for a very strong offensive that our own government and apparatuses like ANDA or the Baja California Sur Film Commission are unable to do.

Rick Zazueta

Zazueta He wrote that the van where the actors were transported to film the show was in poor condition.Worn tires, noisy brakes, loose steering wheel, all seat belts not working, easily identifiable danger signs”.

Likewise, he said that the distances between the set and the place where the actors rested were very long. “Imagine moving people on a whim without experienced local knowledge of the area. It’s disrespectful to the earth, it’s disrespectful to working people, and it’s a disgrace to the film industry as a whole.”. Moreover, he explained that the highway was very dangerous and the drivers were overworked.

netflix declined to comment further on investigations into the case, but it was announced that for the time being the production had stopped. Likewise, it has been pointed out that the series is being produced for the streaming service by an unidentified independent production company.


What’s going on in the film industry in Mexico?

According to the opinion column of the economist Viri Rios posted in Milenio, this issue was caused by the frenzy studios to increase local production, as this ensures that in recent years the Mexican film industry has produced 32% more filmsand confirms that the profit margins of the production houses amounted to 36%, making it one of the industries more profitable from the country.

However, according to Ríos, the productions skimp on costs and exploit their workers, from streaming companies they do not demand fair treatment for their workers and it doesn’t really exist a syndicate which protects the interests of those working in the industry, since ANDA has increasingly fewer members and has not taken useful actions to improve the working conditions of its members.

What do cinephiles and cinephiles think?

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