Who won and lost the semester in Junior?

Who won and lost the semester in Junior?

Led by Argentine coach Juan Cruz Real, Junior starred in a bittersweet first half of 2022, where he finds himself empty-handed: without the tenth star, knocked out in the Sudamericana group stage and only alive in the Copa Colombia, qualifier for the quarter-finals, where they will face Atlético Nacional.

For the payroll that has been built up and the expectations that have been created around it, the semester ends up being bad and criticized. The team never found consistency in their game, apart from the “Metro”, they collected few points —four wins, four draws and 10 defeats—, they were ineffective at the decisive moment of the season —despite two confirmed goalscorers like Miguel Borja and Fernando Uribe – and he rarely showed his face in important games.

EL HERALDO analyzes the 28 players who have seen action in Junior. Only eleven of them passed the semester.


Sebastian Viera (6)

Games played: 32
Minutes played: 2,880
Goals: 0
Although the Uruguayan hasn’t shown the saving version of the other semesters, he ends up fulfilling an acceptable task in this first part of the year. He took his goal to zero 10 times, but it must also be said that he was involved in some goals.

Jefferson Martinez (6)

Games played: 4
Minutes played: 360
Goals: 0
He had few chances on goal, but when he did, he responded decently. His only mole was that match against Jaguares, at the ‘Metro’, where he conceded four goals. It was precisely his last appearance this semester.


Danny Rosero (8)

Games played: 29
Minutes played: 2,441
Goals: 1
He was the pillar and the leader of the red and white defense. He had a great semester showing safety and leadership.

Jorge Arias (7)

Games played: 26
Minutes played: 2,324
Goals: 0
It was a good complement to Rosero. He missed a few goals, but overall he looked serious, practical and confident.

Alfonso Simarra (5)

Games played: 5
Minutes played: 433
Goals: 0
He had few chances to show himself in defense, but when he had the chance, he gave nothing to say.

German Mera (3)

Games played: 5
Minutes played: 373
Goals: 0
It added a few minutes. When he played, he showed a very low level. He looked blurry. He left the team behind.

Walmer Pacheco (4.5)

Games played: 18
Minutes played: 876
Goals: 0
In the deciding stretch, he showed glimpses of his football and finished well, but over the half he contributed very little.

Fabien Viafara (5)

Games played: 24
Minutes played: 1,620
Goals: 0
He started well, with a regular performance, but gradually he lost his notoriety. He finished as a substitute.

Nilson Castrillon (3)

Games played: 17
Minutes played: 955
Goals: 0
Slow, uncertain, blurry. He contributed very little, despite the minutes and the coach’s confidence.

Gabriel Fuentes (5.5)

Games played: 30
Minutes played: 2,420
Goals: 1
There were more good games than bad, offering a start on his wing, but it ended badly in the deciding streak.

Edwin Velasco (3)

Games played: 13
Minutes played: 769
Goals: 1
Another semester of debt. Your contribution is small. He is considered insecure and unproductive for his gang.


Didier Moreno (5)

Games played: 31
Minutes played: 2,559
Goals: 1
He was the second player with the most minutes on the team. He had a flat level, which decreased over the matches.

Daniel Giraldo (5.5)

Games played: 30
Minutes played: 1,779
Goals: 2
It was difficult for him to get into the team, he managed to win the position, but then he showed high and low performance peaks.

Homer Martinez (6)

Games played: 13
Minutes played: 885
Goals: 0
The injury took him out to his best. He was about to be decisive again. Serious, practical, ductile and very safe.

Carlos Esparragoza (7)

Games played: 12
Minutes played: 697
Goals: 0
This was one of Junior’s big news. He seized the opportunity in the deciding stretch and responded with football and character.

Fabian Angel (4)

Games played: 15
Minutes played: 550
Goals: 1
Another semester he lost to the bank. He didn’t get trust, but he didn’t earn it either. It will be sold at Newell’s.

Henri-Serge (6)

Games played: 8
Minutes played: 340
Goals: 1
He seemed forgotten, but when, out of necessity, Junior needed his football, he responded and scored. An injury sidelined him.

Fabien Sambueza (5)

Games played: 29
Minutes played: 1,352
Goals: 1
Another irregular semester. One party yes and another no, without regrouping. In the end, he showed good passages, but it wasn’t enough.

Luis Gonzalez (6)

Games played: 23
Minutes played: 1,275
Goals: 7
When he was better, he suffered a metatarsal injury, something already chronic. He scored goals and appeared in several games.

Ouisus Cabrera (5.5)

Games played: 29
Minutes played: 1,726
Goals: 1
He started off as one of the best, but his talent quickly faded. He ultimately contributed very little.

Freddy Hinestroza (6.5)

Games played: 28
Minutes played: 2,155
Goals: 4
He showed character and a desire to excel. It was one of the highest levels of the League ‘final’. Tireless fighter.

Omar Albornoz (5)

Games played: 25
Minutes played: 1,224
Goals: 3
Although he earned a spot on the starting team, his contribution ended up being meager. He was more of a protagonist because of his charisma.

Edwuin Center (3)

Games played: 30
Minutes played: 1,633
Goals: 1
Unproductive and inefficient. His contribution this semester was nil, despite adding a few minutes. I would leave the team.

John Pajoy (3)

Games played: 8
Minutes played: 309
Goals: 0
He did not come back well from his injury. He was practically irrelevant this semester. He also didn’t win it when he played.

Etienne Market (6)

Games played: 3
Minutes played: 80
Goals: 0
The youngster showed personality, character and sparks of talent the times the DT used him. More good news.


Miguel Borja (6.5)

Games played: 27
Minutes played: 2,185
Goals: 16
He ended up being criticized for his lack of efficiency and lack of attitude. The 16 goals he scored ended up saving him.

Ferdinand Uribe (4)

Games played: 17
Minutes played: 825
Goals: 4
It raised a lot of expectations, but it was due. He passed him injured, and when he played he didn’t show his scoring skills.

Carmel Valencia (4)

Games played: 23
Minutes played: 508
Goals: 3
He scored an important goal, but it wasn’t enough for him. He shows desire when he enters, but his contribution is still rare.

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